DripDAO is a community-designed T-shirt. You decide what it looks like.

Every Drip NFT represents an (x, y) coordinate on a 16x18 grid of squares. If you own an NFT, you can decide what to upload to your square.

During the presale, 50 squares will be available for minting at 0.035 ETH. During the final sale, the remaining 238 squares will be available at 0.05 ETH. Limit 10 squares per address.

When you upload an image to your NFT through this site, the NFT will change dynamically. Pick an image that means something to you. An image that the community would appreciate.

On November 7, 2021, we will freeze minting and uploads. Then we'll create a T-shirt out of the images and ship it to the NFT holders.

DripDAO is the first on-chain, physically fractionalized, collaborative T-shirt. By participating, you don't just get drip; you become part of a community, and part of history.